Exhaustion setting in

I am feeling the exhaustion of the last couple of weeks setting in. I was fine this morning, but now I’m tired and it’s two hours before I normally call it a day. Plus I took a nap this afternoon, so I really shouldn’t be this tired. I don’t care what the “experts” say; I really do think sometimes you have to catch up on your sleep even though they say its impossible.

Anyway, my poor index finger is sore. I took the bandage from yesterday off, only to make it bleed all over again. I finally got it stopped. I couldn’t find my antibiotic ointment, but I did use a bees wax/olive oil natural skin cream and that helped to stop the bleeding. It’s not that big, but it’s not like a little papercut either. It hurts like a bugger and I seem to have cut off the rounded top to the finger. Hopefully it will fill back in as it heals. Right now, I just want it healed. I never knew how much I use my index finger beyond just typing. It’s hard without it, not to mention all the work arounds I have to do just so that I can use the other three fingers and thumb of that hand. Yeah, I don’t recommend lopping off a part of your finger.

As long as the finger is wrapped in a bandage, I am able to type. I’ve been working on a short story the last couple of days. It’s been fun. I’m writing it as part of a class I’m taking – those educational videos I was watching a couple nights ago. Fortunately, once I sink into the story I don’t usually notice the little stabs of pain when I use my index finger to hit a key. I’m more likely to notice it when the bandage snags on a nearby key and pulls on the bandage. That’s when it really says, “Ow!” Guess that would be one good thing about virtual keyboards, no physical keys to catch on.

I wonder if all this hyper-awareness of pain and trying to avoid it is causing me to be so tired. Could also be the days getting shorter. Or a combination of all the factors. At least the heaviness I was feeling in my chest seems to have gone away.

Well, I am going to go get some sleep now, let my finger rest and heal. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be healed enough that I won’t have to go around with a bandage on it all the time. For now, good night!