Short story finished

As the title states, the short story I’ve been working on a majority of this week is now finished, save for a spell check. Which is good because it’s due tomorrow. With luck, I will actually have it turned in tonight. That’s my goal.

Plus, my day included a two hour nap. I’m starting to wonder if this is a cycle — as I get toward an end of a story, I get overcome with deep exhaustion. Once I take a good nap, I’m ready to plunge into the ending. I’ve found this to be the case over the last few stories I’ve finished, but as of now, it is just a theory. It’ll take a few more stories to see if that holds true.

Or it might just be coincidence. I could still be worn out and recuperating.

I’ll be paying attention now. If that’s the case, it’ll be a lot easier to be kind to myself when I feel the need to go get some sleep when I’d rather be finishing a story. It also might be a subconscious sign when I’m close to wrapping up a story too. Good information to be aware of.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get some painting done. I feel like I’ve been away from my easel for far too long too.

Time to go finish the final proof of the story and get it sent off.

Until tomorrow’s grand adventure!