Recording day

As predicted, the wind blew and it got cold.

It was definitely a good day to spend in the recording booth. I recorded two chapters. Then while my son and I watched a movie, I mastered five tracks on the book bringing me to current on it. I still need to listen thought and take care of some pop cleaning and listen for bad error in the narration on all those chapters, plus the one that I’m currently on. But that puts me ahead.

I hate waiting for the tracks to run through all the processing. It can take upwards of half an hour for those tracks to go through all the steps it does, and inevitably it’s at a moment when I’d rather be editing. Doing it during the movie made the process a bit more bearable, especially since we had to stream it on a channel that had long commercial breaks — I swear it was 5 minutes of commercials ever 10 minutes of movie. It seemed to take forever for us to watch.

Speaking of editing, I’ve gotten about halfway through the 8th Loki story. I did that yesterday, but I think I forgot to mention it. I was so happy to be back to work on Palladium.

Anyway, I’m off to drink some water. Movie snacks aren’t sitting in my stomach very well at the moment. I think it’s time to get up and move around some too. Even though I used my Cubii during most of the movie, I’ve been sitting far too long today.

The wind has finally settled down. It took far longer than originally stated and got worse toward the end. I have a ton of pine needles in my back yard. That must be what a floor covered with rushes must look like. As soon as it warms up, I’ll be out there raking them all up. Shouldn’t be too hard with a good pitchfork. My rose bushes don’t know it yet, but I’m looking forward to cutting them back to 18″ this year. Can you tell I’m already set to be outside again? I’m not good with the cold.

That’s all for now. Until tomorrow, cheers!