Inching Closer

I spent several hours today working on my online store. It’s definitely getting closer.

I keep having to remind myself that it will be good once it’s all set up. But I had to go through and make major changes to it today. Well, actually I had to go back through every item I had already set up. Plus there’s still an issue with inventory which I need to research.

Because I’ve taken so long to get it together (I know, 2 whole weeks!), I had to delete a section off the front page which was for a book release (The Missing Thread) which came out while I was playing around and seeing if I could get the site to work for me. Ha! At least I didn’t publish the website with that on there and then notice it like 6 months from now. (grin)

I’m hoping it’ll be easy to purchase ebooks from me too. I still have to tinker with that part, but I can’t do that without publishing. I hope I don’t end up ripping large sections out just to do it again. It’ll probably just become a duplicate/delete project, but I don’t want to do that. We’ll see.

Eventually I’d like to have audiobooks available here too.

Very ambitious I am. (grin)

For now, I keep reminding myself to take baby steps. Building takes time and nothing happens overnight.

Speaking of baby steps, I passed 50,000 words on Palladium today. I wanted it to be about 45,000, though I figured it would really end up about 60,000 words. I’m hoping I can wrap it up in those last remaining 10,000 words. I really don’t want it to go much longer than that. We’ll see about that too.

Well, time for me to get away from the computers for a bit.