Writers – never stop learning

In a couple blogs lately, you’ve heard me talk about the classes I’m taking and short stories I’ve been writing for them. I haven’t said much more than that.

Well, writers, I have a deal for you.

This week, WMG Publishing is offering 50% off all their classes this week. If you want to get in and see what has helped me focus down and get a lot of writing done, practice to get better at my craft, and turned the crank on my attitude, check out all the details here: https://www.deanwesleysmith.com/fall-special-workshop-sale/ Go to this website to get the code for your 50% off this week.

For a time, I did or tried everything that other writers around me told me I needed to be doing: get a critique group, write a sloppy first draft, outline, put the manuscript in a drawer for 2 weeks and come back to edit it with a “fresh” eye, polish, polish, polish, then get an agent and everything will be nice and wonderful all the time.

I can’t tell you how this went against everything in my nature. I liked writing one draft and being done (even in my school papers – I mean, why should I rewrite something I’ve already researched and turned in? How much different could the information get? Seriously?). I didn’t feel that I should have to have an agent. I had a wonderful pair of people in my critique group, but we were all using the group itself wrong; there are a lot of things I wish I’d done differently, but I enjoyed the networking.

I even bought into if I wrote slower I would write better. I spent more time “thinking” about my writing than actually writing.,


I’ve said here before that Dean kicked my butt and got me out of a lot of myths. I’m back to being the writer I always knew I could be when I was 13/14. No, wait. With indie publishing, I’m having a lot more fun. I’m a better writer than I knew I could be. And I have control of my work. If something’s wrong with it, well, blame’s on me. I fix it and move on. As I’ve said before I’m sure, my astrological sign does me no favors. Charge!

You mean I should have looked first?



Yeah. Anyway, I suggest getting the lifetime membership for the workshop if you can swing it. There’s so much good information there. Second suggestion is for the lectures. Again, good information at a condensed rate. I love it when I come in and I see that # on the course bundle has gone up. BOOM! That means I have more information. And I listen to them over and over. I will actually put some of the courses on in low volume behind music while I’m writing so that the information really sinks into my subconscious. It might sound crazy, but it works. I get so much value out of these courses.

If you can’t get either of the lifetime memberships, the courses are also available individually. Or you can look at the Pop-ups. Many of them are great too. You can also buy bundles, like 3 Pop-ups (or lectures or workshops) which you can use later. These bundles are also half price now, but you can save the credits to use in the future. I also recommend the Stages of a Publisher for those of you who are indie publishing — it’s very informative even for someone who’s been doing it for a while. I’m excited to take the Power Words course that starts next week.

Now, I get nothing for sharing the information about these courses on teachable with you other than that warm glowy feeling you get from hoping you helped someone else out.

So scroll back up and go find yourself a course to take. Accelerate where you’re at and keep learning.


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