The store is open

After much trial and error, I finally have my store up and running.

Currently, it’s only stocked with books, both physical and electronic books, prints, and notecards mostly. Artwork will be posted as I have time.

I am only shipping in the U.S. right now and the way it is set up I can’t even sell ebooks internationally — yet. I’m tinkering with ways to sell ebooks internationally, but that might have to be something a little different. Due to all the different shipping rates and customs for international, if you are not in the U.S. but would like to do so, I suggest using my Etsy store. I think I just set this up to handle worldwide.

If not, let me know.

Heck, right now handling U.S. shipping is enough of a challenge. Egads!

Oh, and if you are local to my area in Idaho, I have it set with an option for local delivery. Isn’t technology great?

Anyway, I’ve had a long day of communicating with the outside world from the comfort of my own home and one trip when I did run a book to someone, so I haven’t gotten any writing done. I’d like to go get some words in before I get too tired. Thus, I must end this blog for tonight and head to my writing computer.

So, go check out my new store and check out all the goodies there.


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