I am going to hurt tomorrow

I think I’m in avoidance.

Yes, I’m pretty sure I am.

I had another class which started today (along with the one yesterday), so I’m working on these and watching the videos. However, I’ve also started watching the videos about writing a series.

Okay, now obviously I know how to write series of several different types. Sacred Knight and Onesong are a quest series. The Loki Adventures is a character series. So why am I learning about how to write a series?

Because I don’t know everything and I might want to try something different.

I’m afraid that the three book series I want to work on next is another quest series. I so badly want it to be different. I don’t know how different. So, that’s why I’m watching the videos.

All this means that I’m avoiding writing because I don’t know what I’m going to do with this series. Critical voice nags me and tells me that I should just move onto another story. Why not? I have several. It would be easy enough to do.

Yeah, I just don’t want to.

Today I also went out to go help a woman who makes jewelry in building her website. I met her at a craft show earlier this year. She’s 70, but I swear she doesn’t look it or act like it. It did show when I was trying to help and having to explain Internet technology. I have patience. I remind myself how quickly I’ve fallen behind with technology and fully expect to have to have some young whipper-snapper come help me with some new tech when I’m 70. It’ll probably be virtual reality. I’m sure I’ll get calls from her as she gets into it, but we at least got her started. I hope she doesn’t get overwhelmed with it. She is certainly smart enough and capable enough to handle it. I know she can do it. I pray that she has the courage to just tinker with it. You just have to play around with something enough and not be afraid of “screwing it up” so that you can learn. There are very few things in like that you can’t undo if your first results aren’t what you expect. Even in baking, if your soufflé falls, you try again. In sewing, if you stitch together two pieces that were supposed to have a hole, you rip the stitches out and sew it again. Music not sounding right, try a different chord. Seriously. It’s one of the reasons that I know people who hate Yoda’s saying of “Do or do not. There is no try.” Because there is a try. You don’t know if you can do something or not until you try. And why I’ve always come back with, “And that’s why it’s ‘do or do not’ because if they try fails, do you keep going and try something different or give up?” If you want something badly enough, you have to try and see what happens. Then you have either done it or not. And, if it’s a NOT, then are you going to try something different to see if that works? Do or do not. The try is in the process, the learning.

See, good lesson for me here. I was just saying I wanted to do something different with the series. I have book 1 finished, but I could break things apart and try some new things. Or am I going to “do not” and leave it the way it is let book 2 go in a different direction. I just will have to TRY until I figure out what I’m going to DO.

Yeah, not sure if that make me want to avoid this more or not? I think I might claim a headache.

I still think I’ll finish the video series before I make a decision.

Anyway, when I got home from my help session, I had to move some wood into the garage. The weather’s going to get nasty now over the next couple of days. I think Sunday will be my garden’s last day. So, knowing that rain and cold was coming, I got out into my garden and weeded it from one end to the other. Thank goodness it’s not all that big. I also pulled out the slowly dying acorn squash which looked so promising until it actually started producing and then it just started turning yellow and withering. When I got it out of the ground, I wonder if an animal had been fighting in the garden and snapped its root; it just didn’t look right. I also took out the overactive cucumber. Next year, not planting cucumber. We probably have enough jars of pickles to last 50 years. I’m still not even sure what we’re going to do with the last three cucumbers I picked today on the plant’s way out.

We had already pulled the habanero inside (as an experiment, we put it in a planter after we got it), but it needs another round of harvesting. My son opted to not transplant the jalapeno. We tried last year and it worked for a while, but the bag of soil we purchased had bugs in it, so we lost both of our transplants (the jalapeno and a banana pepper) to bugs. I think he’s good with just one hot pepper plant for the winter anyway. Did I mention that we already have 80 habaneros in the freezer? And pickles. Got a few of those. (grin)

Anyway, I spent over two hours out there weeding and cleaning up. My whole body aches right now. I am going to be so sore tomorrow. And I have more business to take care of, with the garage roof project finishing up tomorrow and another call in the afternoon about another matter.

Well, I’d like to say that I’m going to go write now, but let’s be honest: I’m going to go finish watching the videos. Then I’m going to get some sleep because I’m wiped out. My day will start early enough tomorrow.

I hope my adventures with people are easy tomorrow and the writing fabulous. That’s my goal.