Outlining and adventuring

So far, I’m glad to report that the gloves worked well this morning.

I managed to get 7 chapters of the first book outlined for what I’ve already written and cross-referenced with all the world-building information in a compendium for this series. When I worked on Sacred Knight, because the technology changed so much over the years, I had several “deposit sites” for information. I tried to keep it all in one spot, but that was so impossible. So many things ended up all over the place, new information added, rethought out, and jumbled together.

This one I’m building in a different tool designed for writers. And I’m trying to build it slowly. Already having done this for one series, I kind of know how my brain functions through the structure I’m building, so I am thinking this through and taking it up slowly so I have a good foundation. It means every so often I have to go back and rework through this database.

Critical voice keeps asking me if this is a good idea for something as “simple as three books.”

I keep answering yes. If I learn how to efficiently use this piece of software, I can continue to push it to its limits for other things, like The Loki Adventures. That itself is exciting.

While I’m at this, I take the book down another layer. It’s great to be back inside this story.

We’ll see what tomorrow turns up.

Happy adventuring!

2 thoughts on “Outlining and adventuring

  1. Looks like a mighty cosy workspace there, with a nice beverage to boot. It’s so inspiring that you’ve written so many books and are keeping on keeping on. Thanks for this boost in my own morale!

    1. Thank you. It was a photo I took pre-pandemic while out at a coffee shop. I have several from various visits but was surprised I never shared any of them over my blog. Glad to hear you were inspired. The key to writing a lot is to play and entertain yourself first. Good luck and keep it fun.

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