The Stardust Collection

Still following the list of priorities I set for myself yesterday. I’d hoped to finish item #2 today, but it didn’t quite happen.

Item #1, I’m happy to announce, did get finished yesterday and is now available.

This spectacular set is a favorite at shows. Dragons, fantasy, magic, space travel, mystery, clues, defeating bullies, coming of age — these stories are all connected by one dragon egg as we chase it through the universe and have something to delight lovers of science fantasy and high fantasy.

Apparently when I setup the ebook last year (August 2020, so more than a year!), I only sent it out to Amazon. I must have gotten interrupted and never got back to it. Fortunately, I’d never intended for it to only be an ebook. I wanted a paperback edition too. And I wanted to get it done so it would be out in time for the holidays this year.

That’s when I discovered I hadn’t distributed the ebook anywhere but to Amazon. Oops! Dang.

I am glad to say that this collection is now available wide for ebooks and a print edition can be found here on Amazon.

So, a little about each story in the set:

Alexander’s Den: A place very few people know about and even fewer actually venture into willingly. Everyone here has a story; some want to tell it, and some don’t. Thomis doesn’t want to be here.

Alexander won’t give Thomis a warm homecoming, even though he has something Alexander might want. Will a special egg be enough to get his foot back in the door? Will Alexander want too much from him in this storyteller’s final days?

Mystery of the Stardust Monk: No one paid much attention to the chipped and broken monk statue holding the iridescent stardust orb in the garden. Not until Moonhunter showed up.

Then, the universe reawakened to its existence.

Stolen on her watch, Calliesar, an aging Black Night ninja, tracks the statue and the orb. Her hope lies with Moonhunter and his mysterious connection to sense the ancient stardust. Only through him will she be able to track it across the universe.

Can she regain it before the other Black Nights discover she has lost it? A mistake like that could cost her life.

Stardust: Orphaned when her parents were sold to the mines to pay off their debts, Reila knows she should feel lucky that the shrine Keepers took her in and set her up as to be trained to aid the dragons. She has one little problem: she hasn’t been blessed by a dragon. Okay, two little problems: without that blessing, she has no magic. Wait, maybe there are three problems: she can’t remember the spells.

Now she understands why so many orphans drown.

Yet, a new arrival gives her hope and promises a great adventure, if she has the strength to carry on against all the odds.

I best move along from here now. Adventures start for me early tomorrow, so I want to get to bed early (-ish) tonight. That hasn’t been happening lately, but really needs to tomorrow. Then I hope I can return to finish #2 on my list and move onto #3. The weather looks to be better than the last week has been, so I also hope I can get outside to finish the few things that need done there before the snow comes in. Thankfully we haven’t gone there so far, but it’s been close.