Glove Quest – update

In my last post regarding Glove Quest, I mentioned that I’d report back when I had tried on the Thermasilk gloves I’d ordered to try on.

Yeah, they were not successful.

The small gloves fit my hands, but the color was white and I could see my skin right through them. By themselves, they didn’t help to increase the warmth of my fingers at all. I tried them beneath the other gloves, but often they made my fingers too stiff to move, but in all fairness it could have been the tightness of two pairs of small gloves on my fingers. The medium gloves didn’t fit my fingers as well, but they did fit over the Seirus Innovation gloves I’d previously purchased. I thought a double layer might help.

Nope. There was no difference in temperature that I could feel. I had a whole combination of gloves that I tried on that day, and my fingers were cold to start, and I even tried to see if there was any difference on my right hand where my fingers seem to run a bit colder than the left. The fingers on my right hand never got warmed until I put the Seirus gloves on beneath the cheap knit gloves I’d purchase the same day I got the day I bought the Seirus ones. The Thermasilk made no difference whatsoever. I sent both pairs back.

I do believe if the Thermasilk had been just a little thicker, maybe with some polyester or spandex blended in, they would have been nice gloves to go over the top of the Seirus.

Where I once worried about the “flashiness” of the silver gloves, I’ve gotten used to it. Plus, I’ve gotten very comfortable with them being on my hands while I’m typing. They don’t impede me at all. In fact, today I got up to take my dogs outside after typing for a bit and I got Merlin leashed up and outside before I realized I still had the gloves on my hand. It was a nice day, so it was strange to be wearing gloves outside. I actually think I put the gloves on this morning out of habit rather than because it was cold.

The quest ends with me deciding I really like the Seirus Innovation glove liners and when it gets a little colder, I’ll add one of the cheaper knit gloves I purchase over the top to really hold heat in. I’ve tried typing in the knit gloves and it works too, but I know from prior years that they aren’t enough to keep my fingers warm by themselves. I do believe the layers will work better.

Since it was a good day, I went out and harvested some yarrow, lavender, and English Thyme from my garden before covering all the plants for the winter. We rolled up hoses and tucked garden stuff away. Then my son and I went for a walk along the canyon. We saw a small snake crossing the road. That made me jump. Kevin laughed at me about being paranoid after that.

The snake wasn’t there when we came back, so either it slid quickly away or someone who knows there snakes better tossed it out of the path of other humans coming along. I probably would have (remember, I’m the one who saves carps!) if I could identify snakes. But my knowledge of snakes consists of, “SNAKE!!!!” It takes a lot for me to even notice them, as my dad noted when I almost stepped on the head of a bull snake and never saw it while we were walking a ditch on the back of our property one day. I had almost stepped on this one before realizing that it moved. Then I did a ditty of a jig around it. Poor thing. I probably scared it into speeding across the road.

I hope it’s having a great adventure! I’ll stay over here on my path. Snake free. Yep, that sounds good. (grin!)