A rest day

I didn’t get much done today. When I had no idea where 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. went to, I decided that maybe I needed a rest day.

I was awake, but I was sitting in bed looking at a sketchbook and thinking about drawing. I also tossed some tarot cards. I can’t believe that equaled two hours of my day. Forty-five minutes I could believe. Considering that I’m usually going and doing something seven days a week, I can be kind enough to give myself a rest day every now and again.

I can’t say that I did nothing for the whole day either. I turned on some television for noise and worked at adding items to my store. I’ve gotten several more 4″x6″ paintings added, plus all the magnets I have (a grand whopping total of 8) are now listed. I need to focus down and get some more magnets and ACEO’s done. I can’t believe I’m nearly out of them. I guess that’s a good problem — makes me paint more.

Well, it’s getting late and I think I’ll even head off to bed early tonight. It is, after all, a rest day from the adventures.

See you next time.