Still outlining

I’m still working on the outline for the first book in the three book series I’m working on. Since I’m reading the draft that I originally wrote a few years ago, it’s exciting to see what I was building. I’m dropping back into the story and I’m finding it fun to do this exploring. There’s so much that could happen. It feels like the first layer and I’m thrilled to be taking it deeper.

After I’d done a couple more chapters, as well as adding new characters and cities to the compendium that I’m building for this series, I took Kreeli out for a walk around the block. It’s been awhile since she went out for a walk. She wasn’t happy about being in the harness. She probably thought she was going to the vet or to be boarded or somewhere unpleasant. But when I carried her over to the sidewalk and she realized she was going for a walk, she was happy to go along. She’d run for a bit, then stop and walk so she could smell the variety of odors from all the other dogs and cats in the neighborhood. I always say she’s checking her Sniffbook. It’s been a bit since she got to check her friends’ posts. (Yes, I’m laughing maniacally now!)

But she did make it around the whole block. She was glad to be back home and I thought she’d sleep all day after that, but she didn’t. She looked more bright-eyed and coherent than I’ve seen her in a long time. I do think it might have been a little much for her. I’ve noticed her licking her legs more today, so I think there’s some pain, but probably just the same as muscle pain I’d have if I went today to lift weights. Yeah, been awhile I’d I’d ache too. Hopefully I can get her back out tomorrow for another walk. I think I need to be more diligent about getting her some exercise. I’d been doing that during the spring, but we had to stop because temperatures got too hot for her too quickly. She has always loved to go for walks (how else is a dog supposed to check Sniffbook?). When I had her into the vet a couple months ago, he said he didn’t hear a heart murmur, which he said was unusual for Shih Tzu’s of her age. I think it’s because we kept getting her out for walks from the time she was a puppy and well into her senior years.

The picture above is Kreeli on the stuffed duck she likes to use for a bed. It was taken last January, and there she is in her cute pink sweater.

Then my son wanted to make more zucchini bread and I helped to dig out a mixing bowl and electric beaters he didn’t know I had. That was a grand and glorious adventure into some back cabinets. I seem to get into them ever fall. Yep, it’s October. (grin)

While he baked, I headed off to get some painting done. I can’t say I got anything finished today, but I did get some second coats on magnets and a few more starts going.

Now I’m off to go get some sketching done. I did that last night too and had fun exploring some decorative curls. Maybe tonight I’ll feel like doing something a bit more complicated.

Until next time, may you have a grand and glorious adventure!