Second Tuesday?

Remember Tuesday where I didn’t get much done? Yeah, today is being like that again.

Except right now I have no energy to even try to do anything. Ugh.

Note the lack of an exclamation point.

At some point, I must get enough energy to go write my words. I’ve reached my daily word goal for over 300 days. Seems like a shame to miss that streak now. It’s not even a hefty goal — just a bare minimum as if I got up to the world and said I’m here. It’s probably a matter of I just really need to go in, sit down in the chair, and turn the computer on. Then, once I’m over that hurdle, just do it as the ad says.

I can do this.

Besides, I’m here too. I have my blog on a much smaller streak and want to keep it up, so the longer one ought to be easy to motivate, right? Yes, I’m sure of it.

Well, other than writing my minimum words for the day, I think I’ll try to get in a shower and some meditation. Maybe that will help me raise my energy and clear away any negative particles around me. (that got a weak smile)

Oh, I should mention that the zucchini bread my son made yesterday turned out more like zucchini biscotti. It’s good, but it’s hard. Turns out that zucchini biscotti is actually a thing, so we found out via Google. Imagine that.

Also yesterday, I ordered up some cards to use as Certificate of Authenticities for my ACEO’s rather than just printing them out on paper. I think these will look so great. So, starting with all the ACEO’s in 2021 (since I just finished a batch up), they will all have these new COA’s. It’ll be a couple of weeks before they arrive, but I’m excited to get them and see how they work out. I just think they’ll look classier than the way I was doing it. They will still include the foil sticker though; I’ll still add those when I sign up the card, just as an extra mark that I did it.

Well, here’s to an energetic adventure tomorrow! See ya!