Thought I’d work on publishing

I sat down today to start putting together a new short story for publication. It led me to a day of gardening and tending.

I realized I needed to redo some of the back matter for this story, which led me to creating ads. That took me down a rabbit hole where I discovered a typo on one of my book listings. Worse, I had no idea where it was coming from. I tracked it across a couple different websites, but couldn’t find the original source. And while I was looking at that, there was a few other things that needed corrected along the way. It was like opening a can of springy snakes.

I did finally track the error back and got it fixed. Now I’ll have to check back on it in a few days to see if it has corrected itself though all of time and space (also known as the Internet).

I did finally get the back matter recreated. As I was putting together Dragons of Wellsdeep, I realized that a lot of my links still pointed toward the domains that I had to go through when my hosting provider hijacked my domain name.

(PSA: do not let a hosting provider for your website also control your domain name – the DNS records. Bad mojo! Stay in control of these yourself, even if you have to learn how to do it. End of announcement)

That’s been years ago and I’m still dealing with the repercussions, except now it’s changing everything back to what it always should have been. Egads! I swear it is so difficult to keep track of all the links that one spreads out, especially when you’re scrambling to build a new website and redirect everything. I honestly can’t believe that I still have old links in things. That’s what initially got me looking at a lot of the back matter to begin with. And someday, I need to sit down with all my books and go through everything to chase out what should no longer be there. It’s okay if it is, but it would be better if it wasn’t.

I also got my 2022 wall calendar that I use to keep track of shows, plus I purchased a 90/120 day planning erasable calendar. I’m hoping this will allow me to plan my quarters a little better. Usually I just look at my wall calendar and say, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” Yeah. Hope is not a strategy. It might be an ingredient, but it doesn’t work for actually trying to keep track of the artistic mind. I think I do pretty well. I can be very left brained and analytical when I need to be. But I do better when I can see it and I’ll probably do even better if I can write it down. Once its grounded like that, then I can have a plan and stay on track. So, I’m excited about this. Let’s see those adventures start covering the walls.

Well, a few more things I’d like to get packed up tonight, so I best be on my way.

Until next time, happy adventuring.