Working on the cover for 1-800-Lok8

As the title says, I spent time today working on a cover mockup for the 8th Loki novella. I feel like I’m narrowing in on what I want, but I haven’t gotten that a-ha moment I like. My son steered me back to going back toward the way the covers were done for the first 5 novellas, and I think he’s right. But still not quite there.

I’ve also broken away from the original writing of 1st novel in the 3 book series and am completely on my own redrafting now. Very excited because I’m back to having fun discovering where the story is going.

I stayed up way too late last night. The few things that I wanted to look at last night opened up into a large hole that pulled me in. What it did was leave me with decisions that need to be made rather than great solutions I had been hoping for. Guess that’s life. Anyway, hoping to get to sleep earlier tonight, but I’m waiting for my son to finish his wonderful ham twice baked potatoes which he’s making us for dinner. The picture at heading the post is the potatoes as a work in process. We’ll have potatoes soon. Yum.

Well, I have a bit longer since the potatoes just went back into the oven for their second baking, so I’m going to start a task to fill the time until dinner.

See you next time!