Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a good Halloween.

I started mine out writing the first chapter and a half of book 2. Then I went out and cleared the leaves from my walkway. Yesterday there were barely any leaves on the lawn and I didn’t think I’d have to do much. Of course, I opened my mouth about it, so this morning we had rain and half the leaves fell from the tree.

I couldn’t believe how carpeted the lawn was this morning. If I’d kept quite for one more day…

My son got up this morning and baked us a chocolate cake. The header picture is of the cake, but here’s the full photo for a better look:

It was good. Kept us out of the chocolate candy. (grin)

We went out for a walk in the early evening to see some of the kids in their costumes. Then we went home and handed out candy. The sad part was that we only had 29 kids. I keep count every year (a family tradition) and I don’t think we’ve ever had so low a number even though we had more people on the block handing out candy than ever before. There have been some years where I’ve been the only one. So, 29 is really a quiet year. We have average between 40-60, but I’ve also had as high as 70. I know parts of town that get 120 or more.

Been watching Corpse Bride and Hocus Pocus this evening. Going to finish watching the movie now and get some sleep. Tomorrow is a new day and who knows what grand and glorious adventure awaits.