Changes of the day

Mornings that typically see me writing today saw me pulling splinters out of my hands. Someday I swear I’ll be smart enough to wear work gloves. I knew I got a couple splinters while I was working outside yesterday, but I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t gotten them fully out yesterday (the pains of being near-sighted and needing contacts to adjust for my vision = can’t see up close, sometimes even with cheaters). Plus, I had several more. Ow.

I didn’t realize the rake was getting that worn. (Again, vision correction issues?) Do you think I’ll remember to wear work gloves next year? Probably not.

When I got to my office, there was nothing spring-like about the atmosphere today. Nope, today it felt like winter.

But the sun did come out. Here’s a picture from this afternoon when it was beautiful outside.

That tree — that’s the large maple we had trimmed this year. It dang near looks naked now.

The image that is the header for the post is pretty much identical, but taken at sunset. I’d been working on my website and adding new art to it when the setting sun kept flashing in my eyes through the west window. I got up to close the blinds and saw the colors outside were amazing. I had to go back out for another picture.

Our world is purely amazing. I wish people looked at it and listened to it more frequently. Maybe it’s because I’ve always lived in wide, open areas, but I love looking at the blue sky, watching the colors of the clouds change, and seeing the stars at night. I love standing under that natural canopy, even though it makes me realize just how small I am, and seeing the wide expanse over me. Just be present with yourself for a moment and take a good look at either (or take a moment with both) of the pictures to really let them draw you in. It’s really hard not to be drawn into the picture above where it looks like a bird landing behind the tree. If you look deeply into the colors, you can see reds, yellows, blues, and grays right at its heart. No one did that. That is water and light, a pure creation of this planet.

There will never be another cloud like that. Similar, yes, but never just like it every again. Light will never go through at that precise angle to light it like it is.

Another day draws to close. I look forward to what awaits tomorrow.

Until then, happy adventuring!