And we all fall back

That is, of course, referring to the time change. Yes, not everyone plays with Daylight Savings Time, but I am living in part of the world that enjoys springing forward and falling back.

What it meant for me was that I almost slept for 12 hours because I got an extra hour. I was so tired when I finished the blog last night that I decided to head to bed. I thought I’d read and meditate for a bit before sleeping. Meditation never got done. I was too tired for that. So I just read. I did read for quite awhile, almost to a normal bedtime. Then I tossed and turned all night asking myself if it was time to get up (because I knew I’d wake up early since I went to bed so early). The first time I woke was at 12:30 a.m. Yeah, not time to wake up.

After that, I didn’t look at my clock. I just asked myself if I was ready to get up. Body kept saying no, so I stayed in bed. Next thing I knew, it was daylight outside. Didn’t want to get up the first time I saw daylight either. It was more about the third or fourth time I saw daylight when I told myself I really needed to get up. By then, I’d slept for over 11 hours with the allowance of the extra hour.

That wasn’t how I wanted to start the day. Oh well, it was how it started. Then I got up, took care of the pets, and actually got some recording done. Another chapter of the audiobook done. Then I went to write. Even though I wrote for several hours, I deleted a bunch of what I wrote because it wasn’t moving the story along. I killed the words, summarized it because I still did need it in the story (just not as long and drawn out like it was) and went in a new direction. I ended up netting less than 400 words for today.

Then I went and watched a movie with my son. We had rented a movie from the library and it’s due back tomorrow, that means it’s time to watch it.

I cut the broccoli from my garden. I forgot to take a picture of it earlier — every time I thought about it, I was outside without my phone. When I was out with my phone, which is not typical, I forgot to take the pictures. But, I did get these pictures before we steamed some up. This was our dinner tonight:

These were good sized heads that weren’t there when I thought I’d cleaned out the garden pretty well during that last harvest. I’m glad I didn’t pull the plants because they were lovely tonight.

I also got more which we’re hoping to put into some broccoli cheddar soup tomorrow:

I think the next two nights, which are supposed to be below freezing are going to kill the plants, but I might be surprised. There are still some little tiny heads starting. I figure I’ll leave them and see what happens. Maybe I’ll have another harvest in December (no, not really expecting it). Maybe I’ll leave the plants over the winter and see if they come back next spring (again, I’m dubious).

The header picture for the blog today is of the moon tonight. It was absolutely breathtaking. Pictures can’t do it justice. Maybe someday I’ll get better at night photography.

Well, I’m thinking that my son and I are about to sit down for another movie. Yep, movie day! So, I’ll leave it there tonight and we’ll see each other again tomorrow.

Until then, keep enjoying this journey!