Hope is not a strategy. I’ve said that. Heck, I have a picture near me that I ripped out of a magazine years ago that says that. Yep, I own the sign.

However, I do believe hope is an ingredient.

There was something about yesterday’s post where I got to thinking about Star Trek utopia versus Star Wars dystopia. Both fictional universes go to hope, hope that mankind can be better and overcome all differences for a better world, hope that we can overcome oppression.

I started to wonder if one of the reasons there is so much frustration in the world is because we want people to be better (including ourselves). We get angry and disappointed when we hear horrible news stories. Why would we do that unless it’s because we know there’s a different way? A better way?

I write fantasy and science fiction because at my core I believe that good triumphs over evil and that no matter the odds we survive. No one wins these types of stories by “hoping” for it. Yet the characters always believe that they can win, hope the will overcome whatever is thrown against them. Hope is definitely an ingredient.

I think I just needed to say that today.