New additions

A reminder to everyone that the Art of the Gift 2021 artist reception is tomorrow night at the Magic Valley Arts Council from 5-7 p.m. I have another commitment tomorrow night, so I can’t promise to be there the whole time, but I will be there for what I can.

As the blog picture said, I have new items available in my Etsy store. There are more than just these out there right now, so be sure to check it out. These make great gifts.

First up, there’s my Blossoming tee shirt. I wasn’t certain about this because I didn’t want a hard line around the art, so I created a fade in around it. I ordered a shirt in to see how it would look printed. My son, who as I’ve said before has a great eye for design, said this was very cool. So it’s now listed.

Next up is my Tangled Hearts design. I’ve shown it here on a regular white mug, but you can also get it on a black mug that turns white with the design when hot liquids are added or on a pillow (3 sizes available). Show your loved one how much you care with one of these items this holiday season.

I also have my popular “Dependable Coffee” design out there as a cup. Here’s a picture of that.

Hint: I sell a lot of these buttons at shows because kids see them and start yelling that one of their parents NEEDS this pin. I get the biggest laugh out of it. It would make a great gift to give from a kid to a parent who loves their coffee.

All these designs were created/illustrated/painted by me and sourced to Printful to put on products. All these items will have shipping costs added. Please remember that they are bulky or fragile, so need extra packaging/handling. I have let Printful calculate their costs for shipping rather than adding them in to what I’m charging for people in those states (like Idaho) where shipping costs aren’t subject to sales tax.

I must be off!