Loki’s back & coming

I received the comments back from my first reader today for 1-800-Lok8. I still haven’t had a chance to read through them yet. I was heading out to Twin Falls when I got the text from my lovely sister-in-law, who is being the first reader for this book, said she was ready to send them back and needed instructions on how to do that.

Fortunately, I hadn’t left the house yet. I was able to grab my other computer (I’d already packed my writing computer because I knew I was going to have a little writing time at Barnes & Noble today) and threw it in the bag. While my son drove, I was able to text back with instructions.

I had the changes by the notes by the time we got to Twin. But, I just got them downloaded now that we are home, so once I finish this post, I’m off to look at them. Woo hoo!

That means that I should be able to set up a publishing date soon.

It also makes me need to get to work on finalizing a cover. Yeeps! I’d started, and looked at it a couple of times, but yeah, still need to finish.

It also means I need to get to work on the other two books, Palladium and Sword and Shield.

Well, I’m off to take a look at those notes. Hopefully there’s no tears on the keyboard. (grin) In the meanwhile, you can enjoy the picture above which was the sunset on our way home.

Stay tuned for a release day for the 8th Loki novella and until next time…

Happy adventuring.