A good day

I finished the cover for 1-800-Lok8 yesterday. I’m not going to show it yet, but I do hope to have it up for preorder soon. I have a few final decisions to make with it first. As soon as I get it ready for ordering, I’ll post the cover here too.

Words are flying on the second book in the three book series.

Photographed and varnished a few new magnets and paintings today. Now I just have to catalogue and bag them. It’s always good to feel like I have more work ready, especially since the next two weekends I have shows.

Then, I finished up a few more paintings today. I don’t know if they will be ready by this weekend. Some of that depends on the weather.

Well, I’m off to edit some audio work now. I’m nearly finished recording the book I’m currently working on and I’m looking forward to getting to the next. I do suspect though that I’ll be changing around my booth setup (again!). I just feel cramped in my booth right now. Okay, it’s 3’x3′ so I realize it’s not a big space. But add a chair, microphones, stands, etc., and it closes in fast. I just need my mouse and keyboard on the other side of where I have it now, but then there’s no good spot for my microphone. I sometimes wonder if I should have put the walls on in different positions, but it works so well in the space where I have it now. I’m still very grateful every day that I have a booth. I can’t imagine trying to record audiobooks without one. The way I had been doing it was not a good solution. So, definitely not complaining, but just thinking through my fingers.

Okay, I might be wishing that my house had a little more room in general. That I might be complaining about.

For now, this is the adventure I’ve been given.

Until next time, have fun out there!