Hot Yoga

I have a new short story available. It’s called Hot Yoga.

Apparently this is a thing. Hot yoga that is. People go in to do yoga in a warm, humid environment. This story was triggered when I was driving home from work last year and saw the sign. Now, the place had been open for some time and I’d seen the sign often enough, but this particular day my mind was ready to escape to the playground. At that time, I didn’t know much about hot yoga, but my mind went running with it.

And it all started with a sign.

Since then, I’ve been sitting at the much cooler frozen yogurt shop where I like to get bubble tea and seen people come swarming and sweating out of the hot yoga classes. I just smile and think about my story.

It starts with a sign too.

A name. All she needed was a name.

The sign on the door read: Hot Yoga. Certainly that wasn’t the troll’s name. She’d have to knock.

When the door opened, she saw a sight which would never be able to unsee, even with the aid of a forgetting spell. Yet, the mission must continue.

It’s a magical girl story, and I suspect part of a series. Could be fun. I know this story was fun to write. Granted, it wasn’t quite as humorous as Loki, but I see shades of it.

You can get your copy from any of these online retailers.

Happy adventuring.