And tired

The Jerome Music Booster Holiday Craft & Gift Show went well. I’m tired now. That’s how it should be. So, I wanted to get this post done because I suspect after dinner I’m going to crash.

It was a long night last night. I had lots of last minute things that I’d forgotten about since FanX – I hate it when I do that. Then, when I finally got to bed, Kreeli had one of her episodes. Fortunately, this one was shorter than the others and we got her back up and walking quicker. So, I wasn’t up for too much longer. Still, it made the night very short. Would have been shorter if something would’ve happened to Kreeli though, so I’m thankful that she recovered.

It was great to see all the vendors and visit with them, even shortly sometimes. And great to see people coming back for more books. I appreciate the support. I really do have some great people in my life. Hopefully got some new readers too. I did met some wonderful and fascinating people too; got to look at pictures of a house decorated in a fantasy style, talk with a woman who is friends with another major author, and talk about Dungeons and Dragons with another mom who’s son loves to play. Yeah, then there was the hugs.

Oh, and this happened quickly in the show since I have a lot of books down at the Arts Council for their show:

I’ll have to head over, I think, and pick up a few of my books for the show next weekend.

Now I’m ready to be an introvert for a bit again. Back to writing tomorrow. Back to the adventures in my head.

See you next time. Until then, have fun!