Two more chapters done

I woke up feeling much better, both mentally and physically. It’s amazing how much sleep can do for a person.

I edited some audio, and tinkered a bit with trying out a couple of things. Then I sat down to write. I got two chapters written on the 2nd book today. I would really like to keep up that pace. It feels amazing when I get a lot of the story out of me.

I also found some notes today that I wrote back in 2019 as an exercise I was doing from a book. They were about beliefs I’d held back then, and then asking to destroy and uncreate these beliefs. I was amazed. Every single one of them which I had been willing to let go of back then, they are gone. Yes, gone. No longer part of my belief system. Some I hadn’t been unwilling to release at the time (meaning I hadn’t actively written to destroy them) and I still have those beliefs. In fact, some of them have grown ugly second heads. So, I’m going to be spending some of tonight going back over those notes and destroying those negative beliefs. It just really floored me that each one I had “destroyed” was no longer hanging around bugging me. I can’t say when I stopped believing them and I doubt it happened overnight. Even in reading them, they held no charge for me at all. They were null. It makes me think that I also need to affirm some good beliefs and destroy anything that blocks me from them.

If you just happen to be curious about the modality which I was following and where I learned many tools which help me every day, I suggest you start here with Being You, Changing the World by Dain Heer. As with everything else, take what works for you and leave behind everything else. There’s some things about Access Consciousness that I absolutely love, and other things that make me want to pat their heads and say, “That’s nice, dear.” But, there are many tools that do work as long as one remembers to use them. I’m going to say that for a long time, I didn’t believe that their “POD and POC” (which is an acronym for destroying beliefs and explained more in the book above) worked. I mean, how does speaking a chain of words work to negate beliefs? But, seeing my notes this morning, and seeing that each one I’d destroyed with POD and POC was gone, well, I’m willing to say that I’m more of a believer.

Okay, so I went back to find a link explaining POD and POC for you, and here it is. There’s apparently a video of a neuroscientist’s review of why it works. I’ll have to go check it out. Again, I’m a believer. I’ll set a reminder in my phone after I do some positive beliefs where I clear obstacles out so that I remember to check back in 6 months, then maybe 2 years to see if these are now true statements I feel in my core. If I’m really smart, I’ll add to the note to write about it here on my blog. Yes, I need to do things like that. (grin)

Maybe I need to dive deeper into it again since I know this modality has worked for me several times. Maybe I’ll be patting myself on the head saying, “That’s nice, dear. Aren’t you cute? Humans, cute but not all that bright.”

Seriously, whether I’ve piqued your curiosity or you feel distain for what I said (either way with positive or negative emotions), then you should go check it out. Especially if you think it’s a bunch of malarkey, because that means there’s probably something there that you need (if you really checked in with yourself, you’d discover the truth of it). It doesn’t hurt to try a few things, but I wonder how badly I’d still be hurting myself if I still had some of those old beliefs which are now gone.

Yep. It’s an adventure. And how does it get better than that?