100 Days

***Trumpets blowing loudly***

Yes, that’s right. I have been blogging for 100 days in a row now. For me, that is a huge accomplishment.

I am the type of person who once I set my mind to do something, I do it.

However, consistency has never been my thing. I let myself get weak and allow myself to skip a day, which then can turn into days/weeks/months/etc. if I’m not careful. I can be like the occasional dripping faucet. Anyone wanting proof of that can look at my newsletter. I’ll go for a long time without sending out a newsletter, then I’ll try to get going (hitting that reset button) and I’ll send out 2 per month for a few months, and then it dies out. My blog has been like that too over the years. Yeah, I probably shouldn’t be admitting this so publicly, but oh well. It’s true. I can only fight the demons I can name, and lack of consistency is one of them for me. Not that I’m not self-disciplined or even capable of being self-directed. I’m very independent and don’t need anyone else to supervise me. But I think consistency scares me. Probably a form of fear of commitment, I’m certain a psychologist would say. Whatever.

So, for me to say that I’ve gone for a 100 days, even when I’ve gotten busy with shows or publishing, or not really had much to say, or (worse) when I’ve been too depressed to write, is very good for me. It helps me to prove to myself that I can put my head down and push through, that I am strong, that just a little every day will move me forward. It really is the key.

I appreciate you who have been with me through this, whether you were reading my blog before I started this streak, or if you discovered me during this time and joined the ride. We all deserve cake!

I do plan on keeping the streak going. I’ve had fun talking about my days and projects I’m working on. So, here’s to the next hundred!

Until next time, cheers!

One thought on “100 Days

  1. 100 days is definitely not easy. Those who do have definitely not posted daily before. I prefer my weekly schedule now, but am always stoked to see people challenging themselves. Keep the streak alive!

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