1,000th blog post


This is my 1,000 blog post – if you haven’t already caught that clue (grin!).

If someone had told me that I’d actually stick with writing a blog long enough to get to 1,000, I’m not sure I would have believed them. Yes, I’d love to write a 1,000 books. But blog posts?

If I’d been doing it daily, getting to 1,000 would have taken me just under three years to do. I was reminded earlier this year that I had been blogging for 13 years. At that time when I figured it, I’d written about 70 blog posts per week, so just over 1 per week for those 13 years. Of course, they weren’t that consistent. I just haven’t been good at a schedule like 3 times per week, or even once per week. It’s too easy then for me to say, “Oh, not today. I’ll get it done tomorrow and I’ll still be able to get my days in.” Yeah, as my grandmother always said, “Later never comes.”

Unfortunately for me, daily does work the best. I’ve even gotten to the point where it’s just part of my routine. I sit down and do it. I even look for things throughout my day to write about. Of course, this day I’ve been focusing on for several days now, almost on a countdown. If I’d been better at planning, I could have waited a few more days before starting my streak so that I could have 100 consecutive posts on the same day as number 1,000. You are just not that lucky. You have to hear all these milestones (grin).

Thank you once again for being with me. I know I said it just a few days ago, but it’s still try. I appreciate all those who follow, read, and comment on my blog.

This does just prove that if you keep doing little steps every day, eventually, you have climbed a staircase.

Maybe in the next 1,000 I’ll even find a theme, or something other than stream of consciousness, slice of life. We can always hope, right?

Until then, keep having fun on your adventure!