Nearing the completion of book 2

I’m hoping this week to finish up with the second book in my super secret trilogy.

Okay, so it’s not super secret, but yes, I am still keeping it under wraps for the moment. I figure I have 2-3 more chapters to write. Then I’m onto book 3.

Even though I’ve had a couple of difficult spots with it, I am enjoying this series. I’m excited about the next few scenes coming up. I am out in no-man’s-land right now with the book. I have no idea where it’s going other than the next step. I don’t know what book 3 is going to be about. I know nothing about what’s coming up. Put your hands in the air, Yzma! Yeah, I love the rollercoaster! (Please remind me of that when I’m back here complaining about a section not going well!) (grin)

In other news, the to-do list I worked up back in October is now down to 2 items remaining on it. I do feel like things have broken loose, but I still have much to be done. My 3 month planning calendar I purchased is all framed up but unused at this point. I’m hoping to line out a plan for December, though I still don’t quite know what exactly I’m supposed to be planning with it. I sensed that I needed it, but the universe hasn’t revealed to me why yet. Maybe it’s because I need to actually pick up a marker and start doodling on it. As long as it keeps me from having to do another brain-dump list like the one in October, it’ll be good. But, I guess I need to pick it up and start lining out tasks for the books I want to get out in January and February. I fully acknowledge that I need structure and consistency, but dang, I enjoy being a hummingbird flittering around from one thing to another. This is what happens when the creative voice is overly used to being in charge and the critical voice is usually off in the corner whimpering.

But I can’t gain ground on that type of foundation if I want my creativity to flourish. I have to draw the line in the sand and give the critical voice back some of its self-respect so it can rule the domain of the publishing. That’s where it belongs. And it needs to stay over there in its court and stay out of my writing and art. (loud huffing from exertion)

I had to go to town today for shopping and errands, so I’m off now to edit some audio. Maybe I’ll even take a moment to stare at that calendar. The least I can do is fill in some days and upcoming events I know about, right? Beyond that, well… yeah, we’ll see.

One month left in 2021. And away we go!