So close

I thought I’d be finishing with the 2nd book in the trilogy this week, probably Sunday. Now, I kind of wonder if I’ll actually make that deadline.


I can almost hear it now.

No, it’s not really as bad as it seems. I still could finish on Sunday. Part of it depends on what happens tomorrow. Two things have to happen:

  1. I have to have time and energy to write after the show tomorrow. Time, yes, because it’s a short show ending in the middle of the afternoon. Energy, well, that could vary depending on how much I have to spend being an extrovert talking to people. (grin)
  2. I have to figure out what is wrong about the story.

It’s that second one that could foul me up. I was writing along very well today, but slowly got pulled down into the bog. That means that something I wrote is bugging me. It’s like having two puzzle pieces that you think should fit together, but don’t quite. I like what’s going on, but something just doesn’t fit or is missing. I’m leaning toward something missing. Fortunately, rather than spinning my wheels, I realized what was going on and got up and walked away. At first I thought I might have to redraft some of the manuscript, but now I’m feeling like it’s more a matter of letting my creative voice rest and determine what needs to happen, what adjustments need to be made. I know my mind will wait for the time to be right. Maybe there is something I need to pay attention to which will make several pieces click. Who knows?

Anyway, that’s been most of my day. I had big ambitions when I got up this morning, but of course there are never enough hours in the day. Now it’s ending and I need to go get some things ready for the show tomorrow. Focus on what is directly in front of me.

I think that’s one of the reasons I needed to get my three month planning calendar — set up this day to do this, a couple of days to do that, etc. Focus, focus, focus!

Oh, and let’s not forget to stay on task either! As I’ve said — consistency. I have got to get there.

And speaking of which, next week is a reset on painting and narrating. I’ve gotten bumped off those tracks again. Reset!

I like being busy and productive, but I obviously need structure. Guess I’m still a work in process. Maybe someday I’ll be a well functioning person.

Until next time, have fun adventuring out there.