And well…

I’m not finished with the second book yet.

I started my day out working on my newsletter which is going out tomorrow and I had several goodies to set up for that. It took me several hours to get that done. However, when I was meditating the other day, it popped into my head how I’m supposed to use that 90 day planning calendar I got, and part of the instructions were for keeping up my newsletter.

Well, I know me, so it’ll be interesting to see how this works. I see how the universe is pushing me to be consistent (yes, I was back to that), so it’ll be interesting to see how this works for my newsletter over the next couple of months. However, it meant that for this newsletter, I had to make one massive push. With luck, there will be no more pushing.

It was later afternoon by the time I got to my writing computer. The first thing I had to do was update my chapter outline because I was getting behind — not surprising as that usually happens as I near the end of a novel and I’m just letting it flow. But that took another hour of time, which included a break for me to get up and stretch, which led to my son and me talking about what to have for dinner, so not all of that time was writing related.

I still had a couple things nagging me. One I wanted to put in, and the other was a why did I have to write that part if I wasn’t going to use it? So I decided to take my characters in a different direction and suddenly I saw the whole thing exploding. I decided to put in a chapter break (right about the time I started into the summary which I was talking about yesterday) and just see where the story went. I got through most of the chapter and the words were flowing. I had to stop for dinner. Now, I really want to get back to it. Fingers crossed, I will finish the story tonight. I am so glad I put the summary in, but knew when I did it I was going to have to return to it and flesh it out. That’s not generally how I like to write things, but it gave me that point where I could sew things together and I knew where I was going. Very strange, but it usually is when I’m trusting the process.

I have one quick thing to research and then I’m travelling back into my writing.

Until next time, cheers.