And I’m off…

Last night at six minutes into this new day (yup, that’s 12:06 a.m.), I finished the second book of the trilogy.

This afternoon, I started the third book.

I’ve gone way longer in the first chapter than I probably should have, but I’m letting it run right now. I feel like a lot of it is summary of the last two books, but I want this series to be one that if someone picked up any one of the books, they could start there. It’s hard for me because of the way I hold stories in my head. That makes this a learning experience and I accept the fact that I might fail at it. I have to try. I won’t learn anything if I just say, “Nope, you must read the series in order. Period.” I mean, there is a sequence to the story, but if someone finds book 3 in a bookstore and reads it, they hopefully won’t be completely lost or disappointed.

CAT ATTACK: Bella is currently roaming the house being a beast. She just came dashing out into the living room, then stalked back through the kitchen toward my son’s room. Then there were ruckus noises from back there. At first, I thought Merlin was back rounding up the blankets on the bed as he does, but he’s sleeping in the living room right now. I saw Coville walk into my room just a few minutes ago, so I know she’s not picking on him. Unless he walked by me again. I guess she just needs to cyclone for a moment and I feel the need to report on it. We’re all strange here. (grin)

I guess I get it. That’s kind of been my energy today too. We had to go shopping today and I felt anxious and ready to get home the whole time. I wanted to get started on the book. Then, when I actually got to sit down at my writing computer, I kept thinking about working on a short story instead. I kept getting up and walking around (like a cyclone). Then I went to update some spreadsheets. Guess what, I hadn’t added this third book to any of them. No wonder I didn’t feel like it was a real book yet.

Liar. Li-iar! You and I both know that was just more no good stuff that my brain was putting out to stop me.

Finally, I decided to just put my hands on the keyboard and just start writing. And I did. Then I was off to the races. That’s when it feels good.

Anyway, I think I might carry on with the story for a bit tonight. I’m not really in the mood to try to do anything else tonight. So I’ll carry on this adventure.

Until next time, keep having fun.