Patreon – a fresh start / Vella – a new beginning

As we head into the new year, I’m looking for new, exciting avenues.

One of these, I’ve decided to restart my Patreon page, which would allow people to contribute on a monthly basis in return for books, art, or both. I’ve been thinking about so many options, but I finally narrowed it down to a few I thought I could do without over-extending myself. Also, things I could do for my fans who are international – since shipping paperbacks and artwork to other countries at this point just isn’t feasible. But an envelope, yeah, I can probably handle a simple letter.

As I get the swing of this, I might even add more funding tiers. Like I said, I have lots of ideas, but I need to get interest first.

There is even a special Loki level which is pretty much exclusively everything Loki. I’m going to have fun with this level. There’s a lot I’ve been wanting to do with Loki and his novellas, but I haven’t gotten to, so I hope several people fund this level and allow me to get going on it.

If you enjoy reading my daily blog, please consider supporting even at the $1 per month level – sort of as a tip. There are lots of levels if you want more action from this adventure.

Also started, I’m testing out Vella. I’ve put Palladium out there. You can currently read the first 5 chapters (and the first 3 are free). The other chapters are scheduled to come out daily starting December 12th and running until December 27th. To read the whole book, it will take 491 credits. I was going to go see if I could figure out where to purchase tokens from so I could provide a link, but it appears that you can’t actually buy tokens from the home page of Vella. Then, when I clicked the little token button, it wanted to give me 500 tokens for free. Okay, so there’s how you can read the whole book for free (if you do this, please at least click the little tilted crown to favorite my story and give me a boost in visibility. Please!) I know Amazon threw another 300 tokens at me in an email the other day. Okay, while I’m glad that Amazon is pushing the program, but the way they have their terms on this, it’s not helping out authors any. Oh well, this is a test and only a test. I’m just trying it out now.

If you already do read on Vella and like it, please let me know in the comments below. I’m really interested to know how many people are interested in reading serialized fiction.

There are a few issues I see with Vella right now, such as not being able to easily buy tokens from their home page, but I realize it is still in its infancy. I figure I’ll give it a little while and then maybe right their team an email with my suggestions. For now, I’ll just keep track.

I have had many ideas about this, including fiction from other characters. Most readers of the Sacred Knight series enjoy Arlyn, Steigan’s mentor, but they don’t understand how complex this character’s life was. I know Arlyn nearly as well as I know Steigan and I think Arlyn would make a great story to put out in a serial fashion. (If this idea appeals to you, let me know in the comments too)

There’s other characters I want to tells short fiction about too, so this could be a viable platform, but only if I know that my readers want it this way and support it.

There is also a possibility (and a good one) that if I start using Vella more, I will also be adding this content to Patreon. But, I’m trying not to over-pace myself or load too much on my plate. I’ve never been good when I’ve been forced to do something – some have called me Bulldog before because I can be awfully mule-headed. So, I have to keep the fun in it. Kind of like this blog. When I’ve gone too many days where I haven’t enjoyed myself writing it, I will stop.

I’d really like to get to a point where I’m not just flinging mud at the wall to see what sticks, but can actually be more intentional in what I do and create. There, I said it.

Anyway, I need to go and design a few things now. Then I have more writing to do. So I’m off now.

Please remember to check out my story on Vella and let me know what you think.