Play time

My youngest and I went to see The Best Christmas Pageant Ever today at the local community college. Here we are all masked up and ready for the play.

My oldest played “Bob” in the show. Here’s a picture of him:

Then here he is with his “wife, Grace”:

They did such a fabulous job.

Then here is my son with his lovely girlfriend. She was in the play too as one of the church ladies. She didn’t know I was there and had jumped out of costume before coming out. She was ready to go for lunch with a fellow thespian. They only had a few hours before curtain call for the last show, so I certainly know they want to be fast.

I sat next to a lady whose son was the drummer for the band on the stage.

As I write this, they have started the last show, so now they will all have a week or so until they start on the next one, which they are very excited about.

My neighbor from two houses down was also in the show. She played Helen Armstrong and did such a fabulous job. I love seeing all the new faces in the theater as well as people I’ve known for years.

Yes, today was a fun day.