I took a snow day

Didn’t mean to. Just kind of happened that way. You know, this sort of thing happens to me on Wednesday, not Thursdays. Of course, I was productive yesterday, so maybe the creative voice went on strike today.

It did snow last night. We got a 2-3 inches I’d say.

Kreeli, my old Shih Tzu, loves snow. I wished I’d taken a video of her walking outside in it this morning because it was so funny. She wanted to run in it so badly, but she’s just getting too old and it was too deep. It came up to her chest. I still think her trail through the snow speaks volumes.

Kreeli’s trail

Kreeli, happy to be in the snow.

This snow was very dry and just clung to her. You can see from the featured image at the top of this post how it was caked to her. She was not happy about me trying to pick the snowballs out of her fur. Even trying to towel her off was impossible because the snow was so dry.

When she went out later in the day, she forged a new path through the snow. Heaven forbid she walk through where she already managed to plow her way. Nope, got to do all the work again.

Which meant more toweling off.

Merlin is so easy. His long legs kept him out of the snow (which he is not fond of) and didn’t cling to him. He did, however, stand in front of the heater to warm his legs when we got back into the house.

More snow in the forecast, so I think I’ll be drying Kreeli for several days.

Well, time for me to go get some writing in — my day off is done.