None of the pets are happy with me

In-between creative activities today, I spent time with my pets. Now, none of them are real thrilled with me.

Kreeli got her the fur on her legs trimmed down so she hopefully won’t collect as much snow as she did yesterday. At least when I tried to brush her off when she came back inside after the trimming she was much easier to clean off and didn’t still have snowballs clinging to her. But, she doesn’t know that it helped her and she had to endure the trimming, so she’s not happy.

Then, all the pets got their nails clipped. Coville has been needing his done for quite some time. He loves getting those claws into fine, sharp points. The better to do a-cat-upuncture with, he says.

Of all the pets, Bella was the easiest one to do. We always think that she’s going to be the hardest because she’s so temperamental. But, I do think she is the smartest and she knows that we’re only trying to take care of her. This summer, she had two cockleburs tangled in her long fur. I don’t know where she picked them up at. I noticed them one day when I was petting her and realized I was going to have to shave them out. I expected claws and howls and nasty glares from her. Instead, she sat perfectly still upside-down in my son’s lap and let me shave them out. Then she rubbed up against me when we were done. I often think that she remembers back to the day when she, at 2-3 months old, scratched at my door saying that she needed help because she had kitten fever very badly. She knew we would help her. She still trusts us to take care of her.

Well, now they’ve all been fed for the evening, so I’m certain I’m on the path to forgiveness with them.

Please remember that there are a lot of animals out there without homes. Spay/neuter your pets so that we don’t have more unwanted furry ones running around. And, if you have extra time or money, animal shelters all over could use your help, either with food/supplies for the animals or with playing with and walking animals. Sometimes we all need a friend in our life. It’s not always a four-legged friend for us humans. Sometimes it needs to be a two-legged friend for the animal.

Find your adventure buddy now. Cheers!