Kitten and Glove Quest Updates

Well, I’ve gotten nothing done today, at least not creatively. Not going to complain though because there were other tasks that needed done and they now are. Plus, I spent quite a bit of time trying to find out kitten’s name. I feel like I’m so close. I had to run out and find some toys and chews for her. She was already getting bored with what she had. Plus, teething kitten. She needs something to chew on.

Coville’s hisses and howls are starting to run out of steam. He’s been very curious about the kitten today and peeking in on her a lot. It’s so funny because he’ll start to hiss and it just kind of fades off into something like a hiccup. We applaud his attempt though. (grin)

Bella’s still hiding. I did hear her snarling a bit with the kitten this morning while I was snuggling with Coville and Merlin. Since then, she’s just been avoiding by either being outside or in Kevin’s room.

So that’s today’s adventure with the kitten.

My word count has dropped a bit over the last few days. Still, I’m a third of the way through the 3rd book in the trilogy. I hope I can get lots done next week. I’d love to start the new year with it done. That’s doable, if I kick back and work on it.

Now, for the Glove Quest update. I was able to stay in my office while the weather was in the 30’s-40’s, but the Seirus gloves I bought just weren’t able to handle that temperature and my fingers still got cold. I had been pretty warm otherwise with my moleskin overcoat and lap blanket. But, the house heater is still having issues keeping the rest of the house warm with my office open now that it’s down in the 20’s-30’s. I figure we’ll be in the teens soon too. So, I closed up my office and am now set up to write at my other desk. As soon as the temperatures go back up some, I can open the office up. I’m ready for the 50’s again!

I’m ready to wake up the sun. When you hear shouting tomorrow, that will be me. It’s time now for the days to get longer. Take me back to summer (though I do believe my broccoli is STILL growing). I guess I must really find a place to live where the temperature ranges from 40-90° F. Yeah, I can take some cold temperatures. Can’t take hot, hot like I used to, but I could probably do this range. But this place must have little/no natural disasters. And be low in crime. And not expensive. Yeah, I know — I’d have better luck buying a less drafty house where I’m at.

Maybe that will be an adventure for another day. For now, I must go write.

Until next time, enjoy your quest.