Temperance be thy name!

Temperance (shorted to “Temmy”) is now officially the kitten’s name.

Her foster name was Temmy, which took a while to grow on us. Something didn’t feel quite right about it (plus, Temmy was actually the name of the lady who fostered her and was a joke by the supervisor, so they called her “Lil’ T,” so that was a little weird). We figured we were going to rename her, but nothing seemed right.

Today, I was out looking at the meaning of Temmy and came across it also being a shortened version of Temperance. Yes, this kitten with her one eye had a hard forging in her early life. She had an infection shortly after birth which led to the loss of her eye and scaring in the other. She is a strong kitten and 5 months old right now. She will have to learn some self-control as she grows (who doesn’t?). And she will make her own destiny, which will be a little harder for her considering the sight in her other eye might be a little impaired, and she will need patience.

We had her out playing in the living room today. Everyone was there except for Bella, who did make an appearance by running from my bedroom to the back room. When I saw her appear, I thought she might try to start a fight with Temmy, but Bella was happy to move on through. Coville only hissed once and that was when Merlin got in too close to referee. He has become extremely protective of the kitten and watched her playing the whole time just keeping an eye on her.

In-between all that, I have been out working on my Patreon posts. Coming soon are posts about the newest Loki novella being written, as well as a description of all the dragons that travel the Wells of the Onesong that I know about so far. The January short story is ready to go out. And, I have added monthly Temmy posts to each pledge level. This is going to be so much fun.

Now, I must go write. I was really going on the third book in the trilogy last night and I really wanted to stay up to continue it, but my body was too tired and demanded I go to sleep. I’m anxious to get to it now. It’s supposed to get snowy and rainy until next week, so I’m hoping that I can get lots of writing and painting done now that I’ve cleared several to-do’s off my list. Granted, I’ll probably have Temmy running around my feet, but that’s okay. I have a feeling life with her is always going to be an adventure.