Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

I wished I liked tea. I keep buying flavors that sound good, but when I get home and brew them up, I am constantly reminded of one thing: I really prefer coffee.

I’m finding I like the dessert teas, like Salted Caramel and French Vanilla. Today I tried the Toasted Coconut Almond Bark. It was okay. For me to say that means that the average person who likes dessert teas would probably love it.

I probably should try mixing in some oat milk with these. I used to love Earl Grey with milk and drank it a lot. I enjoy the milk tea for bubble tea.

I do have an Earl Grey and Lavender tea which I enjoy. My problem with most teas (hot or cold) is the amount of sugar I put with these so I can drink them. Sorry, but I like it sweet.

I just keep trying to find a hot drink I can enjoy in the evenings. I’ve taken to having oat milk with a little bit of sugar, a couple drops of vanilla, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Or oat milk with a scoop of hot chocolate mix and a drop of vanilla.

Are there any hot, non-alcoholic drinks you enjoy in the evenings?