Temmy says that she’s tired after the holidays. She had fun burying herself in wrapping paper and bursting out of it. Now, she’s in the cat box (which I got about a year ago and the other two cats haven’t used – Coville is excused because I think he’s too big for it).

Temmy with her favorite toy outside but within guarding distance.

Now we go racing toward the new year. I wish I could say that I felt prepared for it. For several past years, I’ve always known that the next four months were going to be stressful. This year, I don’t have that, yet I’m still looking at the new year with a sense of dread and I don’t know why. Habit maybe? It just feels very strange.

Maybe its because I know I still have writing to do, which is something that in years’ past, I’ve always been able to get done before my boys wake up. This year, I was playing with Temmy and watching her instead of getting my words done.

So, to it now before today becomes tomorrow.