1-800-Lok8 paperback

The paperback version of 1-800-Lok8 should be up soon. I submitted it earlier today and it’s currently in review on Amazon. Probably by late Monday morning, you’ll be able to find it here.

© Pop Nukoonrat | Dreamstime.com

I am currently trying to rearrange my schedule again. I feel like I’ve been close, but I still needed to make a couple tweaks. So I’m trying. There’s additional chores right now because of Temmy, so I’m trying to work those in as well. It does help when she doesn’t knock Temmy’s Toy Box off the table because she found it and decided she wanted to play with something I hadn’t put out yet. Got to keep the cat entertained. Boy, has she not been good for my word count this week.

I am still hoping that I’ll hit my extreme goal for this week. I’ve seen many people posting their year-end status and I’m all like, “There’s one (or two) more weeks to go!” I don’t like to lose momentum. And now that I’ve found that I really need to do things consistently each day, I really don’t want to lose “Mo'” now.

Still, I don’t have my 2022 spreadsheet set up, and that is kind of strange. I usually have that done in November and I’m chomping to get to it. As I said yesterday, I’m having a resistance to going into the new year, even though I’m ready for it. I feel strange. I don’t know what it is and I don’t like it.

Then, I remind myself that this is just another adventure in the journey and that I’d probably do better if I loosened up a bit to just enjoy it. So, that’s what I’m going to do.

Right now, I need to get onto the next and last part of my day. For once, it’s not writing that waited until the end. (grin)

Until tomorrow, cheers.