The resistance is losing

Temmy is ready to have the house, but she’s been restricted to the living room and sometimes to the kitchen. She wants it all.

All the other pets are good with her, except for Bella. She is the last of the resistance. But we are reaching a turning point with Bella too. She’s actually coming into the living room and sniffing as long as the kitten is contained. Temmy even escaped the living room (she’s a monkey!) and got to the bathroom where Bella found her. Bella was softly growling, but that was it before Temmy was rescued.

But Temmy is so curious and clever that I don’t think she’s going to be happy until she knows the whole house. It’s getting harder to keep her in this area, especially since there’s a half wall between the kitchen and the living room and she’s discovered a route over. I can barely pick her up and put her back in the living room before she’s made her way back up onto the half wall.

Toys have to be doled out to her gradually over the day because she loses interest in them quickly, looking for another adventure. She does make the rounds between them, but we’ve got to have a new one on hand for when she starts to get into mischief.

She does, however, love the laser pointer and that keeps her entertained for a good long time and wears her out. She and Coville play together with that, so it’s fun. He also likes to sit and watch her play with the laser pointer. Bella has never had any interest in chasing the red dot. She knows it’s created by something we are controlling in our hand and just looks at us like we are so droll in trying to get her to play. I can practically feel the eye roll. But Coville has always loved to chase the dot. I think he’s excited about having someone else. He’s definitely taken the role of Papa. And Merlin is like her Papy.

But right now, I feel like all I do is cater to the pets, being a doorman so the others can go between rooms, fetching food, getting things, redirecting Temmy, taking dogs out, cleaning two litter boxes, etc. It’s amazing I’m getting anything done at all.

I have started working on a new set of flash fiction stories which are related to my Loki series. They are short and fun, as long as I don’t get too distracted. This will be going up on Vella as well as being part of the Loki pledge tier on Patreon. Still have a bit more to go before they start going up, but soon. With luck and the pets being chill, I’ll start getting them up in the next couple of days.

Well, I need to go write some more tonight. I had to get bookkeeping done this afternoon, so writing didn’t get done. I suspect painting will wait until tomorrow.

Until then, cheers!