Back to outlining

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m about halfway through the third book of the trilogy. I had the title for a fourth book pop into my head, so I’m wondering if there are actually more. The story is actually rounding out that there could be more.

But I realized a couple of days ago that I haven’t been keeping up with my story outlines. I’m currently on chapter 15 of the story and had only done through chapter 8. So, I’ve been going back through all the chapters today getting them outlined. It has taken all afternoon in-between going to checkup on the kitten or rescue her from somewhere she really doesn’t need to be. What a monkey! And because she is so little, she can get into the darndest places.

And Bella is losing more of her resistance again today. She’s been perching in various spots to watch the kitten today. We’ve had a couple of close run-ins, but Bella just hisses and runs. As long as she has an escape route, she’s okay. She definitely doesn’t like it when she gets boxed in.

Sorry, it got quiet and I had to go check on Temmy. I’m back now. She was good; just exploring.

Along with the outlining, I had to get several characters recorded. And a new setting. It’s amazing how much can happen in a few chapters.

There’s one character who I kind of fell in love with. I was planning on making a quick, information gathering scene, but as I delved into the setting and matched it with the character, wow, I didn’t want to leave this character. I’ve been reading A Wizard from Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin and I think that this character is what I imagine Ged would grow up to be after his adventures. Granted, I could be totally wrong, but I suspect my character was a bit of a troublemaker too in his younger days. My creative voice delighted that I might have to write some stories about this character.

I already have one short story in this world, so I know that it’s got possibilities. I just want to finish this series so I can see how much I can play with. It was supposed to be a simple one, very closed, but as I’ve been writing I’ve realized that much more had to have happened for the story to be like it is. For example, when these strange powers develop in a child, people start asking questions which lead to other researching, and still others knowing old family stories which they are manipulating. Yeah, it was supposed to be a small story with just a few characters on the trail of discovery. It’s getting more characters, more mythology and legends, and more trinkets I’m enjoying playing with. Have I mentioned that it’s got steampunk elements to it? Yeah. I think that’s more fun than magic actually.

Anyway, I still have more work to do on the outline and I want to get it finished tonight. I’ve spent a lot of non-consumable words done on this outline, so they don’t count toward my goal. Doing them in a big chunk like this really brings down my daily word count. I must go finish it so I can get some actual consumable words written.

Until next time, happy adventuring.