Fenrir’s Tales

For a long time, I’ve been thinking of writing flash fiction/short stories for Fenrir, Loki’s wolf son. Thanks to my supporters at the Loki Love level on Patreon, I am making it happen.

Fenrir’s Tales are his adventures exploring Midgard. Because Fenrir is a puppy, I feel that I have a lot of leeway in telling his stories. The first one, Jason’s Date, is now available to those supporting at the Loki Love or Everything tiers. My hope is to put out one per week on Thursdays. Don’t worry if you can’t get to it right away as they are not going anywhere. You’ll also be able to come back and read them.

While these are coming out thanks to my Patreon supporters, I will be releasing these on Amazon Vella too. However, Vella is still an experiment, so I’m not going to promise that they are going to stay there. A lot remains to be seen with the Vella program.

The weekly adventures will also be coming out a day or two earlier to my Patreon supporters then anywhere else I might decide to put them since it is because of their support that I’m able to do this.

Happy adventuring.