Painting and Temmy updates

It took me two tries today, but I finally did get to painting. I put on some movies that I had seen but wanted to re-watch. The first was Men in Black 3. I didn’t get any painting done, though I did get everything ready except for opening the paint. It’s sad to be that close and quit. The second movie was Despicable Me. This time, not only did I get the paint open, but I painted as well.

On a large canvas.


It’s very much a work in progress, but I think I know the direction I’m going in. I could completely change my mind tomorrow. But, at least I sat my butt down and got something done.

It is getting easier to work too. Temmy now has full run of the house and has explored everything to the point that she is calming down. She’s finding more places to sleep rather than just playing until she’s bored and trying to escape, then getting nasty and getting put down for a nap. Bella is still hissing at her, but Bella hisses at everyone. Temmy doesn’t take it personally, nor is she scared or returning the aggression. I sometimes think that Bella’s growls just make Temmy curious, like, “Why you doing that? What is that? Do you have something stuck in your throat? Let me take a look.” Bella has had her own curiousness and has come up to sniff Temmy when the kitten’s sleeping. Then she hisses and runs away. Kitten sleeps on. At least Bella hasn’t all out attacked. Twice tonight, they even went right by each other without any noises from Bella. I think we are at the point where it’s the best we can hope for from Bella.

Temmy did spend last night out of her crate. She came in to sleep with me at some point in the night. I thought she was Coville until I woke up this morning and discovered I was wrong.

Coville is making use of all of Temmy’s toys. He loves to play. It’s been fun to watch the two of them, but he also waits until she’s asleep to play with the ones he likes a lot. It’s adorable.

It’s off to writing now since it took me so much time to get painting today.

Until tomorrow, enjoy your adventure!

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