More snow, more painting

Woke up this morning to at least 2 more inches of snow. Above is a closeup of Merlin in the snow this morning.

Kevin made paths through the snow for the dogs earlier, but they had nearly vanished. Here’s that picture:

You can see Kreeli’s footprints just beyond Merlin. She’s lost in the snow somewhere. For as much as she loves snow, I think even she’s getting a bit tired of it.

The trees were pretty though. Here’s my red maple (the one that didn’t want to let go of summer):

This is the taller maple tree which we had trimmed earlier this year. I’m not sure it could’ve taken the weight of all this snow, not to mention the winds that we’ve had, so I’m really glad I got it cut.

Then, this is the tree across the street at the neighbor’s house. Actually, it’s on the property line between the two places, but the neighbor to the left refuses to rake up leaves, so he blows them into his neighbor’s property (even though the first stays home puttering around his yard all day and the latter works very hard all day and fixed up the house in his spare time). Oh, did I say that? Anyway, the tree is pretty.

So after I got the dogs in, dried off, and fed, I put on Despicable Me 2 and started painting. Here it is at the beginning of my session:

Work in Process

I had sketched the tree in yesterday. It took me all of the length of the movie to get the tree painted in. I did have to give the brown paints some time to dry while I was working, so I was also reading an art book at the same time. Still, I could’ve been working on another part of the painting, but no…

I got the tree in, but then I really started to hate the moon in the picture. Okay, this who thing is not entertaining me at all. I kind of want to scrap it all and start painting a new picture over it. I am really close to just making some broad strokes with another color.

However, I keep telling myself that if I want to get over my painting issues, I need to work through this. That’s not to say that I can’t make some sweeping changes. I’ve already had a couple ideas that I might give a try. I mean, why not? I’m not happy with what I’m painting, so I might as well experiment. That has worked out well (sometimes) in the past.

But first, I have to get rid of that moon!


Work in Process

The paint was still wet when I took this picture, but it still didn’t quite end up the right color when it dried, so I’ll have to do something. I haven’t decided what that will be though I do have ideas. The tree still has work to be done anyway, so it will all work out.

All I can say is that I did get some painting done today, plus the temperature had to rise so it could snow. That makes it a good day, right?