Revising the painting

I couldn’t bare to look at that awful painting I had started. I just couldn’t do it. Yet, it was what was before me on the easel, so I turned on Beauty and the Beast and sat down to paint.

Let’s be honest: I was absolutely hating this piece even before I sketched in the tree. Remember, this one:

Work in Process

As you recall from yesterday’s post, by the time I got the tree painted in, I decided to erase the moon.

But even that wasn’t enough. I was too a point I didn’t want to work on it at all. I hated the colors and dang near everything about it. I know that when I feel this way about a book, the best thing to do is go back to the last part that felt right and start again. Well, that’s hard to do with a painting.

I still had to fix the moon area, so I came in with some more white and yellow. I started going over the background trees. I started taking more out and building up the sky and putting some of the background trees back in. Finally, I ended up with this:

Work in Process

Yep, there went the tree I’d worked so hard on yesterday. But, at least the moon was gone.

Now, I put some of the tree back in. Since I’m no longer going to go with a skeletal tree, I didn’t want all the detail.

Work in Process

I did learn a major lesson with redoing the sky and trees with this piece. I think I’m going too gentle on the white in my larger pieces. With the smaller ones, it’s much easier, but the larger ones I’m having trouble adapting to the amount of paint I need and it’s making me timid with white. Then my colors are going to bright and bold on me.

I went in and developed some of the highlights on the tree, and this is where I ended it for the day.

Work in Process

I am no longer hating it. Not saying I’m completely happy with it either, but this is definitely a fresher start. I’m also glad I had that realization about the white. Now I’m getting excited to see how this painting develops.

The path might be the next thing I slaughter though. We’ll see. (Because when I was working on the path, the piece told me that it wants the title to be A Path Straight Through.) We’ll see. Maybe tomorrow, under this new paint, the painting will want me to go in a different direction. The conversation might change.

Until then, happy adventuring.