I spent the morning working on audio and getting some Patreon posts done. If figured I’d have the afternoon to write.

But then one of my neighbors got stuck. It’s slush out there and normally she handles snow very well. I went out to see if she needed help. She did almost have it herself. I just kind of cheerleaded her and she got out.

But in going out, I saw that all the slush was piling up. I’d gone out last night after dinner when it was fairly warm and shoveled the pathways through the yard for the dogs and also started cleaning alongside the house a bit and down the driveway so it would hopefully drain toward the street. That lead me to cleaning out the gutters. Today, it was as if all my work last night was undone.

Let me tell you, I hurt from last night. I took a Valerian to sleep last night because I knew I’d be horribly sore if I didn’t. I was still a bit stiff this morning. But, I thought that getting out and cleaning everything out would help stretch me back out.

I didn’t expect to spend nearly three hours outside.

But, I got down to pavement and got the gutters completely cleaned out in front of my house. I did have to move my car and that didn’t go well. I’d had the snow tamped down pretty well around my car last night, but when the city came to shove snow around on the roads (grumble), they put a pretty good wall up against my car. I’m so glad that 1) I don’t have to drive anywhere, and 2) I have another car available if I did.

Anyway, the sunset was pretty tonight while I was working away at all that.

So now I’m off to get some words done. I doubt I’d get to painting though I’d like to. Perhaps tomorrow. I’ll probably be too sore to do much of anything else. (grin)

Until then, happy adventuring.