Falling short this week

I didn’t write last night as I thought I would. I started to feel blocked on the project, tried another, but it didn’t work out either. I thought about painting, but my mood was, by then, rubbed a little raw. Instead, I felt like doing some more audio work, so I did that. It felt like the right place to put my energy. I figured that if I got more time in on audio, then today I could focus on writing.

Well, that was the plan.

Then Temmy was a pill last night. She was crawling all over where she wasn’t supposed to be. Then she was playing with her jangly ball for what felt like two hours. She was bored, had slept quite a bit during the day, and hasn’t really figured out the schedule. I have been giving her a chew stick before bed too and I forgot that last night; that may have accounted for some of it too. Cats do like their structure.

Guess who’s not being allowed to sleep for very long today? (grin) Yeah, we’ve been trying to keep her up so hopefully she will sleep tonight. I swear that she will be a good cat in a couple years when she settles down.

Because she’d kept me up so much last night, I wanted to sleep in a little longer, which got me off to a late start, until all the pets started to show up in my room for breakfast and forced me to get up whether I wanted to be or not.

Then, after everyone was good, I found an issue with how one of my books was linking on Amazon. So, I grabbed screenshots and tried a few things to get the book fixed — it did fix itself without me having to contact Amazon, so that was good.

I finally got my coffee going and sat down to write. Some words got done. Then it was time for lunch. My son and I started talking about a trip to the store. Neither of us wanted to head across the bridge so late in the day, so we figured we’d go to the library and the store here instead, maybe see if we could make it through the weekend and stay out of traffic. We decided to wait until my shipment of Loki books arrived so I could stop at the Post Office as well to get one sent off. Mission successful.

Shopping was painful. I think the ramen shortage is now reaching our area. So are several others. Cat food was practically non-existent at one of the stores. Of course, with all the snow on the roads, maybe the trucks are just having a hard time getting through. I’m willing to give it all the benefit of the doubt.

Now this evening has passed by and I’m not sure where it all went, though some of it has been to cleaning and packing Temmy’s crate away since we shouldn’t need it any more. The day has gone poof. I’m not sure if I’m going to hit my weekly word goal. If so, it will be the first time in over 70+ weeks. I hate to see that streak gone. So, tomorrow, a writing it shall be.

Maybe a smidgen too before I go to bed. Must go wake Temmy again so we can all sleep tonight.