Back in the running

The plan to get Temmy to sleep last night worked. With the exception that I had to hold her all night. If I rolled over, she came to the other side and bugged me until I let her cuddle next to me, usually with her head on my arm. Whatever helps us both sleep, right?

She did get me up an hour earlier than I wanted to. Okay, well maybe that means I need to go to bed earlier. And last night I didn’t. I was up writing. I got to where I’d hoped to get to with my word count, but I wasn’t ready to quit. I figured that I could put in some extra time and I did. That little boost in words was a good thing. In fact, I honestly believe that if I’d stopped at the goal line instead of continuing to run after I got there, I wouldn’t have ended up writing the scene that I did. Because I did, I have a very emotional end and had tears in my eyes when I got there.

Then my brain said it was done and ready for bed. So I did.

Once I got all the pets settled for the morning, I sat down to write knowing that I still had major writing to do if I was going to keep up this week’s word goal. I looked. I was at 77 weeks last week. I’d hate to start over at zero again. I’ll be more than a year before I’m back where I’m at now. Ugh.

I’m glad to say that I got enough words written today that I feel like I’ll hit my goal easier. I did add a couple more formulas and even some beautiful conditional formatting to my spreadsheet (I know, right? Playing in Excel when I should be writing. Boy, do I know how to use my time wisely or what? *shakes head sadly*). I also made soup, complete with making a simple broth from a chicken carcass from dinner a couple nights ago, I watched a movie with my son, and we watched the final two episodes for the newest season of Cobra Kai, because why not?

It’s probably a good thing that Temmy got me up an hour early.

With it being early yet, I’m going to go get some more writing in. Then off to bed early tonight.

And with another good day of writing tomorrow, I’ll be back in the running to hit my word goal. Then the next target will be to start hitting my extreme goal. Keep stretching!