Taking it easy

Went to town early today to get some shopping done. With the snow storms and icy roads, I’ve been trying to stay home. But today looked decent, so we went out to restock.

Especially the coffee. It was getting dreadfully low. And the water. We’ve been trying to make due with the water machines in town, but it’s just not our normal water.

While we were out, we thought we should take the opportunity to get our COVID boosters. We had very good timing and got in and out rapidly.

But shortly after getting home, we started feeling the effects. Since then, Kevin left to nap and I’ve been up watching television. A couple hours ago, my body kicked in with the usual, “Oh, yeah. We know what this is. We got this,” and I’ve been feeling better than I was for a while. Still pretty tired though. Only have little bursts of energy.

I did get some writing done and I thought I’d do the blog. Now, I think it’s back to watching some mindless television, maybe quickly prepare something to eat. I fed the pets a little while ago, so they are happy. Even Temmy and Bella are existing in the same room for more than five minutes.

I expect to be fine and back at life tomorrow.